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Little Pea Pots

My Dearest Squash-blossoms, I have a pocket for a garden, but am determined to do my bit by growing at least some of the things we intend to eat this year, so today is a tiny little, seed pot make, that is also incredibly gratifying.  This is still very happily in keeping with the make more, take less approach that is the school motto.

If you've never grown anything before, don't be afraid!  The worst that will happen is nothing, the best is that you can have fresh pea shoots in your salad every day.

When I get round to making emblems for each house, this will very firmly sit in The Green House, alongside other botanical joys (but I'm doing my best to take things slowly and do things in a measured and calm way, MOST unlike me).

All you need are some empty toilet rolls, a box of some sort to keep them in, a pair of scissors and some seeds.

I've chosen peas, carrots and onions, and I'm going to get a few sewn now, and will then do some more in another couple of weeks so as not to have a glut of anything.

Step 1: Cut the toilet roll in half.

Step 2: Make 4 slits, to about half way up the cut roll.

Step 3: Fold the bottom together like a cardboard box, so that each section overlaps the next.

Step 4: Fill it with some compost and pop a seed in it.

Step 5: Place on a water proof tray, put on a window sill and water lightly.

I've also used an empty egg box for some of the smaller seeds.  Once these have started to grow, you can literally just pop them out and into the garden or a window box.


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